Continuing Legal Education Programs


As of early 2016, the Philadelphia Bar Association is a statewide provider of Continuing Legal Education. We will offer our membership high-quality, low-cost CLE as a member benefit. The Association's Continuing Legal Education department's goal is to employ a collaborative model of working with the Association membership, leadership and influential Philadelphia regional legal, business and educational professionals, to enliven CLE course content and offer diverse subject matter that matches the Bar's diverse membership. Tara D. Phoenix, the Association's Director of Continuing Legal Education, is dedicated to finding the delicate balance between quality production of CLE services, bold outside partnership initiatives and sound business management of our CLE curriculum. We are committed to providing a broad spectrum of high-quality and affordable continuing legal education that is vital to establishing and maintaining a superior level of competence consistent with the legacy of the "Philadelphia Lawyer."

The ideas and energy of the sections and committees are of paramount importance to the success of the CLE initiative. We have a firm commitment to working with the sections and committees to help develop their CLE programming and encourage collaboration to address topics that cross genre and generate an even higher quality program and maximize attendance. Tara can suggest ways to modify the format or timing of a planned program in order to achieve the best presentation; as well as manage any conflict between similar topic areas and target populations.

The Association has developed and maintained relationships with quality partners in the business and legal community who support the Association and provide valuable services and benefits to our membership. Along with the CLE programming developed with the sections and committees of the Association, Tara creates and plans original content, as well as, plans and produces co-branded CLE programs in collaboration with partners, sponsors and Philadelphia law firms.

As a statewide provider of Continuing Legal Education, the Philadelphia Bar Association observes the CLE Board requirements for submission of course content. We adhere to strict deadlines to submit and post our CLE programming, which means, ideas must be submitted by deadlines Tara provides to be offered for CLE credit.

The Association strives to achieve professional excellence. In efforts to establish ourselves as a premier CLE provider, maintain the integrity of the oldest association of lawyers in the country and offer our membership a low-cost benefit, we will not advertise nor offer CLE programming from any other providers. Though we may establish partnerships with different organizations, the Association will be the sole provider of the CLE credit.

The Association looks forward to working with our section and committee leadership to discuss and develop CLE courses. When looking to suggest, plan, write for, or speak for a course for which CLE credit is desired, or if you have any questions or suggestions regarding CLE programming, please contact Tara D. Phoenix at  (215) 238-6349 or

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