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Letting Lawyers Know

Reports on the work of your Section, Committee or Division may be of great interest to other members. The Communications staff can bring important business to the attention of the Bar Association through specific media targeted to Philadelphia Bar Association members.
The Communications staff is led by:

Meredith Z. Avakian-Hardaway
Director of Communications and Marketing

Philadelphia Bar Reporter

The Philadelphia Bar Reporter is the Association's own newspaper, printed on a monthly basis and also emailed to members in digital form. It spotlights news of Association activities, encourages member participation and focuses on services to members. The newspaper features staff coverage of events and meetings of interest. Additionally, members of sections and committees are invited to contribute articles on meetings of interest and related activities.

Publication Guidelines for the Philadelphia Bar Reporter

Adhering to accepted standards of journalistic procedure and guided by an Editorial Board of volunteer Association members, the Philadelphia Bar Reporter is copyrighted and may not be reproduced without the express written permission of the Philadelphia Bar Association.

In planning the coverage of the Association, its members and their activities, the Editorial Board uses the following publication guidelines:

  1. News in the Bar Reporter will be limited to events and activities sponsored, cosponsored or sponsored in part by the Philadelphia Bar Association, its sections or its committees.
  2. The following Association activities will be given comprehensive and repeated coverage in the Bar Reporter:
    • Annual Meeting and Election
    • Quarterly Meetings
    • Bench-Bar Conference, expositions and special events
    • YLD major events and Law Week activities
    • Activities of the Philadelphia Bar Foundation
  3. "People in the News" items in the Bar Reporter are limited to news of Association members' professional awards or honors, their election or appointment to unpaid posts in civic or community organizations and public speaking on legal topics. Color headshot photos are welcome.
  4. The Bar Reporter welcomes letters to the editors on any topic. Letters must be signed, but names will be withheld from publication upon request. Editors reserve the right to condense for clarity and space considerations.
  5. In general, the deadline for a given month's issue is the 15th of the preceding month.

Requests for publication in the Bar Reporter should be directed to:

Thomas E. Rogers
Senior Managing Editor
Philadelphia Bar Reporter

The Philadelphia Lawyer

The Philadelphia Lawyer is the Association's quarterly magazine. It provides information on the practice areas of the law, lifestyles, technology, fiction, book reviews and other topics of interest to Philadelphia lawyers. You are invited to submit articles for consideration by the Editorial Board. Original materials, previously unpublished, are required. Letters to the Editor are welcome on any topic relating to the law, the profession, the Philadelphia Bar Association or The Philadelphia Lawyer magazine. Editors reserve the right to condense for clarity and space considerations. Letters must be signed, but names will be withheld upon request. The Philadelphia Lawyer is copyrighted and may not be reproduced without the express written permission of the Philadelphia Bar Association. For more information, contact:

Thomas E. Rogers
Senior Managing Editor
The Philadelphia Lawyer

Bar Reporter Online

Bar Reporter Online is the Association's biweekly e-newsbrief. E-mailed to Association members every week, it provides news and updates on Association activities, as well as the activities of law-related groups and legal services organizations funded by the Philadelphia Bar Foundation, between regular issues of the Philadelphia Bar Reporter newspaper. For more information, contact Thomas E. Rogers, Senior Managing Editor, at

Upon Further Review

Upon Further Review is the Association's online legal news publication and is available at The purpose of Upon Further Review is to provide relevant, timely, and substantive legal news and analysis from the members of the Bar, for the members of the Bar. Each month, Upon Further Review will showcase articles on relevant topics and provide news and analysis that covers all aspects of the law, from trends to trials, from case analysis to opinion pieces.

You are invited to submit articles for consideration. Original materials, previously unpublished, are required and can be submitted on a rolling basis. Upon Further Review is copyrighted and may not be reproduced without the express written permission of the Philadelphia Bar Association. For more information, contact:

Charlie Klitsch
Director of Public and Legal Services


The YLD EZine is the Association's weekly e-newsletter for Philadelphia young lawyers. It features the latest news, photos, event details, hot column topics, podcasts and blogs targeted for today's young lawyer on-the-go. E-mailed every Tuesday, the YLD EZine is the "one-stop shopping" source for all things relevant to young lawyers in the Philadelphia area. All members of the Association's Young Lawyers Division with an email address registered with the Bar Association automatically receive a complimentary subscription to the YLD EZine. For more information about the YLD EZine, contact Thomas E. Rogers, Senior Managing Editor, at or  (215) 238-6345. - Philadelphia Bar Association Website

The Bar Association maintains a significant repository of information for Bar members and leaders at its online address, As a Bar leader, you are encouraged to visit the site and review its materials about the governance of the Bar Association, the Bar's legislative program, and the many services that the Bar offers to its members and to the community. Information about the Philadelphia Bar Foundation is also available through the site, as is event registration and other information about current Association programs and initiatives.

Also, all of the sections, committees and subcommittees have web pages within the Bar Association site for their respective memberships. These pages feature information as determined by each group, and include material such as listings of leaders, upcoming events, as well as information relevant to the practice discipline of the particular section. These pages also have e-mail addresses for use in contacting officers and others involved in the group's activities.

All website content is posted by the Communications Department staff. Direct requests to:

Wesley Terry
Web Manager

List Serves

The Association's approximately 50 list serves allow members of the Association to participate in discussions through e-mail lists. List serve subscriptions are free, and are available to members of the Philadelphia Bar Association only. Members can join a list serve, modify or cancel their subscription online at Section list serves are restricted to dues-paying members of those sections, except for the Public Interest Section and Young Lawyers Division list serves, which are open to all Association members.

Netiquette for List Serve Users

List serves or electronic mailing lists are one of the most useful means of communication, since they enable their members to instantly transmit or receive information and opinions on matters of common interest. When a message is sent to an electronic mailing list the list server immediately distributes it to all subscribers. Conversely, when replies to that message are "mailed," they too, are broadcast to the entire list of subscribers in a matter of minutes or seconds, making this a highly interactive form of communication.

The following suggested guidelines are intended to make the electronic mailing lists valuable and productive for all subscribers.

  • Be germane. Tailor your message to the issue being addressed or up for discussion, since that will tend to produce the most focused and valuable responses from your colleagues. To ensure a positive experience for all subscribers, please avoid religious or political issues. Do not publish, post, distribute or disseminate views or materials that espouse political views or solicit for political candidates.
  • Referrals. The list is not to be used as a means to obtain referrals to other attorneys in the five-county region. The Association maintains a Lawyer Referral and Information Service for this purpose, and is available to any attorney looking for a referral.
  • CLE. Only Continuing Legal Education courses presented or co-sponsored by the Philadelphia Bar Association should be promoted on the Association's list serves.
  • Know your audience. It is important to recognize that your audience may have varying degrees of knowledge and experience with technology. Keeping this in mind will help to ensure that your ideas reach everyone's eyes.
  • Brevity is important. Please keep your messages as short and to the point as is consistent with conveying the substance of your thoughts.
  • Identify yourself. Please sign your message with your full name and Philadelphia Bar Association affiliation. Among other things, this gives your colleagues the opportunity to consult directly with you on questions or issues that may have come up in the discussion.
  • Provide a subject line. Posting a subject line that reflects your message's contents enables your colleagues to prioritize their reading. This is an important courtesy, particularly when the list of subscribers is large and there is a high volume of transmissions.
  • If possible avoid attachments. Attachments can be very useful, but frequently they are incompatible with your audience's software. Therefore, when possible, avoid using them.
  • Be careful with replies. It is important to remember that all messages and replies posted to the list are sent to the entire list. Consequently, if you wish to transmit something of a more personal or private nature, please send it directly to the recipient rather than through the electronic mailing list. When possible, avoid replies that include prior correspondence since long messages tend to slow the process.
  • Please do not use auto-reply. Electronic mailing lists often include a large number of individuals, which makes auto-replies undesirable.
  • Keeping it simple is your best bet. A short message using simple formatting is your best bet to ensure that all the intended recipients can view your transmission without difficulty.
  • Misuse. Postings to the list should never make disparaging remarks about any individuals or organizations. The Philadelphia Bar Association in its sole discretion, may, at any time and from time to time and without notice, remove postings that are deemed objectionable and ban subscribers who have violated these guidelines.


The Association's Podcast Center at features interviews with "movers and shakers" in the legal community and beyond; audio from selected section, committee and division panel presentations; special guest speakers; and much more. Podcasts are free and can be listened to directly from the Association's website, or subscribed to from Apple's iTunes Music Store. The center includes eight categories: Hot Interviews with Very Cool People, Law Practice Management, Major Events, Speaker Programs, Member Benefits, Legislative Update, Career Corner and Chancellor's Column. To request that an event be podcasted, contact Thomas E. Rogers at  (215) 238-6345 or


Blogs for the Young Lawyers Division, Criminal Justice Section, and Women in the Profession Committee allow members of those segments of the Bar the opportunity to comment on legal trends and share relevant news and information unique to their own practice. For more information on Association blogs, contact Wesley Terry at  (215) 238-6339, or

Social Media

The Philadelphia Bar Association maintains an official presence on Facebook, Twitter (both publically accessible) and LinkedIn (members only). In addition, the Association maintains a Facebook presence for the Young Lawyers Division. Only Sections may establish their own social media presence in concert with the Association's Communications Department. These presences are currently restricted to LinkedIn only. Inquiries about social media sites and requests for promotion of events, news and initiatives on the Association's social media pages should be directed to Thomas E. Rogers, Senior Managing Editor, at or  (215) 238-6345.

 Handbook updated as of December 29, 2016.

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