Office of Diversity


The Office of Diversity strives to ensure greater opportunities for the inclusion of diverse attorneys in the legal profession. This is a fundamental element of the Association's Mission.

Objectives for the Office of Diversity include partnering with hiring partners and managers at Philadelphia law firms, legal departments and public agencies to develop educational and community outreach activities. In doing so, the Office guides, supports and leads the diversity and inclusion efforts for the entire Association, including the Board of Governors, the Association's Sections and Divisions, Committees, tasks forces and external efforts. The Office also serves as a resource for local Affinity Bar Associations/Organizations, attorneys, law firms and law students who seek support advancing diversity and inclusion.

For questions regarding the Association's Statement of Diversity and Inclusion Principles or the Association's efforts and commitment toward diversity and inclusion, please contact Mark Tarasiewicz, Executive Director, at or  (215) 238-6346. Sophia Lee, Esq. serves as the Diversity Chair at the Cabinet level.

 Handbook updated as of December 29, 2016.

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