Contractual Obligations with Vendors


In the event that your Section or Committee desires to make arrangements with a vendor for meetings, events or catering, you will need to contact Tracey McCloskey, the Director of Meetings & Special Events, to make these arrangements. The Bar Association works with various vendors throughout the year and due to the quantity of work we generate, these vendors are able to provide us with the most competitive prices possible. It is important to note that, pursuant to the bylaws of the Philadelphia Bar Association, all contractual relationships, particularly as they relate to outside hotel facilities, catering, etc., must be approved and signed by the Executive Director of the Bar Association. Under no circumstances may members obligate the Association without prior notification and consent of the Executive Director. These requirements protect both our members and the Association in the event that functions must be canceled or changed in any way.

 Handbook updated as of December 29, 2016.

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